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perhaps it's time to go?

By: Dmoral13


there's a wind lifting up my hair-
my heart just wants to sing
if only my voice wouldn't crack at high pitches
but god, i just want to be free

i know i got something,
there's a magic in the pen when i write
spirits seem to be calling
my body feels it's time to leave

slowly i feel myself packing
mentally and physically
shuffling together all the loose leaf-
clawing every lyric that's ever seeded inside me

an itching feeling runs along my hands
and my mind knows it's time
but when you jump
who says you'll land on your two feet?

perhaps i really am not ready-
for the thing we call reality
but i don't want these childish wings

so i'll grab my scissors and cut'em off
leave it in the home in which i've grown out of
and start running
waiting for my time to jump

'cause when i do,
i'll be know where i'm meant to be

Peer Review

I love how it's kinda uplifting and it's so magical.

How do you find inspiration?

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You should keep writing!