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High School

By: mysterious_writer13


I remember the only thing most people had to worry about was what grades they would get on a test or how the certain kind of shoes matched their clothes. Growing up I worried about what will happen when I get home. what will my dad? will he hurt me? what will happen if I get a bad grade? I was excited to go into high school. To get away. To escape the harsh reality. I used to think high school was like the movies, breaking out into dance and singing and everything will be great in the end. Man was I wrong. A lot of people wonder "what's high school like?", "Is high school fun?". High school is hell. It'll suck you in and spit you out into the real world. The real world filled with nothing but hate. What's the point? Going to school and coming home with information we will never need. Not to mention high school is filled with stereotypes and bullies. you can't even go to school without worrying about what people think of you. You are expected to smile, be happy, and do drugs to be considered cool. when you deny you are now titled "the schools wimp" The constant pulling down of my skirt because I know people are saying I'm a slut behind my back. The vigorous reminder of being told to always be confident but yet when I feel confident and show a little skin I'm suddenly a whore. But dressing decent you are now considered "goody-two shoes" High school is all about labels. You can't win either way. 

Peer Review

this is so realistic, i think. i liked the harsh truth, how the writer didn't even try to cover up what the atmosphere really is like in high school.

maybe explain more about the vision of what the author thought high school would be like. overall though everything is explained really well.

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only one week left for my contest, #powerofwords!!!