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The Unnamed

December 5, 2019


They are like us.We who are flawed in nature, but kind at heart. They are like us who make history, for better or for worse. They are like us, who judge and conspire. . .but we conspire against each other. They are not like us. 

Look closer and you'll see- if one hasn't yet been banished- they are monsters. One limb is ripped to shreds, and one eye is black as a starless night. Other than that, there is no way to tell if they are like us. These monsters have powers and abilities beyond our imagination. These monsters can control dreams and blood, and no one knows why or how. They are not like us. They are beastly and savage like, they are freaks among earth, that's why they're banished. That's why we live separate- for protection. They are not like us. 

Blind men see it, deaf men hear it, mute men speak it, they are not like us. We have rights, we have happiness, we have freedom, we have names. They are not like us. They are the Unnamed. 
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1 Comment
  • Loser

    This description vividly describes humans' nightmares. I wonder now whether these Unnamed relate to your story on the apocalypse?

    about 1 year ago