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on that googoogaga type beat

Cornus Florida var. Rubra

December 5, 2019


the tree outside       my window 
blossoms red       in the winter
and       washes my walls       pink
in the morning       and the longing 
wraps around       me fast and thick
like       a san francisco fog       we
are all runny       noses and calloused
fingertips       pushing 
the cart too       fast down the
empty produce       aisle and the
big       lights kiss our shoulders 
and make us       glow from behind
and we are alive       like children 
as we tuck       cherry tomatoes up 
into       our sleeves       and his
mouth is       sweet and thick       molasses 
and he kisses       me with all
the stars       and his teeth are
stained       blue with candy       and
his ton       gue winds its way
through the gaps       and over
the ridges       and between
my ribs and       around my
lungs       and he squeezed un 
til they       shattered and i
never       healed proper       and now 
i ache for him when       it rains


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1 Comment
  • babybluelamentations

    Love love love!! The formatting is so fresh and interesting, and even though there is no punctuation, it’s smooth and easy to read. Also, the aesthetics are so strong in this piece, what with the produce aisle and broken love and cherry tomatoes, like umm??? beautiful af??? amazing job :)

    12 months ago