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By: The Moving Finger Writes

PROMPT: Open Prompt

He remembers the day he came home.

There were throngs of people at the train station, but none there for him. His friends were gone, buried in the trenches. His family was not his family, and those he had known as such had faded, hardly human anymore. 

His life is different now. 

Before, his home had been a place of laughter, of life, of simple pleasures, nothing taken for granted.

Now it is silent. He lives alone, a life of black and white feelings, flavorless meals, tears shed on bed covers. 

Now he paints portraits of war with his own blood, so detailed it seems as though he fought just yesterday. 

Now he only survives. 

Message to Readers

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Peer Review

I would say that this piece is about pain, loss, and loneliness. All these emotions combined in one to show how this man is a survivor, fighter, but sad.

Oooooo! So the writing style is fantastic! The entire idea of writing about something so sensitive is simply amazing.

Just the part about family.

Reviewer Comments

You are a very talented writer! Never stop writing, and great job on this piece!