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Rather Debatable Topics

By: CreativeAngel


Is clear a color?

Vanilla or Chocolate?

Cucumbers or Pickles?

How do you color code your subjects? 
  • I put math purple/blue/pink
  • English blue/red
  • History or Social Studies as green/orange
  • Art yellow
  • Spanish blue/pink
  • Science blue/green
How do you pronounce orange?

How do you pronounce August? (Apparently "august" is also an adjective but i pronounce it the way the adjective is pronounced also as the month)

Even or odd numbers?


Me and my smarts are muy inteligente so do answer and tell us your thoughts you may just help prove something!

I might add on to this

Peer Review

That somebody else wonders how to pronounce august!

Orange what... there are certainly different pronunciations for different objects.

Reviewer Comments

Clear is a sort of color, because some clear things are colored but a white/ clear thing has no color and is only a piece of something like starlight.

Both, each is better in certain situations...

Cucumbers, pickles look weird.

It all goes into a 2.5 inch binder- organized enough right?

Even numbers, they are so friendly- but I do love 5 and 13!