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He, she, they - Why does it matter?

December 13, 2019


    Why is it such a big deal whether or not a person is a girl or a boy? Why should we care about their gender? How about we start judging people not based off of what they identify as (or don't identify as) and start judging based off what a person is like? Oh no, is it too hard to get to know someone before passing judgement over them, Karen? If a person is transgender, then more power to them. They're accepting who they truly are! If a person is nonbinary, then that's good for them. They aren't letting themselves be confined anymore! If a person is cisgender, then that's perfectly fine. They're being who they are!
    We're all human, and some people tend to forget that. Just because a trans guy would rather be called he/him, doesn't make him any less of a person. Just because a nonbinary person doesn't identify as a gender doesn't mean they are less of a person. Everyone nowadays is so centered around what makes everyone different. Let's focus on what makes us similar. Let's focus on the fact that we're all human, and we all have differences. Let's focus on who we are as humans, not what gender we are.
    Whether you're nonbinary, trans, cis, gay, bi, ace, pan, queer, or anything else you're still a human being. You're still valid. You still deserve love and kindness. You are still beautiful. You are still you.

    A fellow bi
I'm not trans or nb, but they are valid nonetheless


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  • Taz_the_Bagel

    I totally agree with your opinion! Everybody is valid, and everybody is human! We should all accept that.

    27 days ago
  • Dmoral13

    So I typically don't comment on controversial pieces, but here I go:

    I am a female since birth, that's straight, and Christian. I am also mixed but raised by a white family, so in a sense, I connect with white people more (not in a racist kind of way though). Anyway, I feel like I'm kind of different from writers here on WTW. I see a lot of people with gay, LGBTQ+, they/them, etc. in their bio and message to readers box. But like, it doesn't matter much to me here. Tbh, IDC what you are or how you identify here on WTW, I just care for how you write. That's what this site is about.

    THAT DOESNT MEAN, I'm against it. I'm glad some people are proud and accepted who they are. Personally, I do believe we were created the way we were at birth for a reason, but if people disagree then okay. I just want people to be happy, and if that means changing, then so be it. Do whatever you need to in order to find the best version of yourself.

    So like, yeah, don't discriminate, and ik this is cheesy but like 'love is love' so 'let it be'. Be proud of who you are, regardless of what that means.

    Also like, I'm friends with gay and bi people, and know a few trans. I talk to them on a normal basis and don't think of them differently than any other person. The only thing I do differently with them is I don't date them. Besides that, it's whatever. They're my friends.

    In the end, my opinions are my own and so I'll keep them that way. There ain't no reason I should be hurting people or discriminating or thinking less of others to get my opinions on others.

    about 1 month ago
  • AcetheticallyPleasing

    People like to bring God into conversations like this, and they tend to have a really negative mindset with it, saying things like "this isn't natural" and "this isn't what God wants" but there are plenty of things that people do every day that aren't natural. Cars aren't natural. Hair dye isn't natural. God doesn't want people killing or stealing from each other but people do that too. People can't pinpoint one thing they don't like and use God as their support and then ignore all the other things that technically "isn't what God wanted". Being transgender or gay isn't natural, I believe, but that doesn't mean it's bad. It doesn't mean trans or gay people are going to Hell or anything like that. They've just unlocked who they are, and they're embracing it. God made them who they are. There's no mistake there.

    about 1 month ago
  • babybluelamentations

    yes! Everyone is valid!

    about 1 month ago
  • fatpanda


    about 1 month ago
  • HelpMe512

    You cannot change who you are if you were always one thing. For example, a trans guy has always been a guy, never a girl. Sure he may have been raised a girl but if someone was raised to believe that they're idk a cat, that doesn't mean they actually are a cat.
    But transitioning and being nonbinary is not a "delusional dream". It's the way people were born. If god didn't intend for this to happen, why would he make some people like that?

    Besides, did you even read the piece I wrote? I'm saying how we are all humans, and not to judge based off of the way people are. Even if you think being trans or nb is not real or whatever, just respect them for who they are. That goes for all of LGBTQ+. Maybe get to know a trans or nb person and then judge them as harshly as you desire. But not just based off this one little fact about them.

    about 2 months ago
  • Rewrite_The_Stars

    but that's the thing. if you transition your gender, you are changing who you are. how people know you as you. what makes you YOU. when your gender is identified as your mother is pregnant with you, that's the gender that should stay with you all of your life because that is what you are. not some delusional dream that you weren't supposed to be a girl or a boy or have a gender.

    god made us all equally and each for a reason. everything that he made, he made on purpose. there were no mistakes.

    so when people don't realize how blessed they are in life and decide to change their gender, i just don't see the point in ruining the body that god gave them.

    about 2 months ago
  • HelpMe512

    Those people aren't who I'm writing about. I'm writing about not the rich people who od that just because they can, I'm writing this about those who don't have a choice. If a person is nonbinary, I believe that it is their choice to embrace that or not, but they are nonbinary nonetheless. Correct me if I'm wrong, but people don't transition simply because they don't like their gender, they transition because that is not who they are. I do agree that people can do some horrible stuff with what is available right now, but that's like categorizing all people who are muslims as terrorists. Just because some people do things that are bad doesn't mean everyone is at fault.

    about 2 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    Agree, we all are humans and all we need is humanity. That's all

    about 2 months ago
  • fooshissecretlyacat_

    thank you

    about 2 months ago