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you can drown in my love #colours

December 10, 2019


“you don’t think i’ll drown?”

“you can drown in my love if you step too close, but do you really think i’ll let you?”

and we’re floating; the sky above us is sprinkled with white paint and i wonder if any will fall on us, painting stars on our bodies and leaving only the skin beneath our bikinis unlit; but, tonight the stars remain above and we are left blank canvases; no, i am left blank; the sky has always been imprinted on your skin; perhaps i just want stars of my own.

our fingers are tangled together like the blackberry vines surrounding your home; remember the day we threw berries at each other? two girls stained with purple and unexplainable joy, what a sight we must’ve been. god, what a sight you are.

you never smile; i know you don’t. you purse your lips together and look up at whatever gods you want to see at the moment. that’s how i know you’re filled with something other than despair; that’s how i know you might be happy. today, i look up as well and maybe i’m blind, for i see no gods; so, i stare at you.
your hair, the same color as the amber ring you gifted me on my sixteenth birthday, is damp; it curls and curls like cigar smoke. and your blue eyes are miniature crystal balls that show my false fantasies instead of the future. 

“we can sink,” i say, wiggling my toes to feel the water splash against them, “we can let water consume us and never leave this pool.”

you purse your lips harder. “no, sorry; i’d like to take you home tonight.”

and we talk and giggle and the world stops spinning for hours. it’s just you and i, in your pool on a saturday night. loving each other because that’s the only thing we want to do now; that’s the only thing i know how to do now. 

sky changes from blue to black. the streetlights are on, flickering like a star when the atmosphere churns. you take me home; a home without you is not a home at all, but i suppose i can stay here when you’re gone. 

and you can drown in my love if you step too close, but do you really think i’ll let you? i am destined to drown, but you? you must float. 



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  • Just a thought...

    I want your words to live in my brain forever. How are you such a fantastic writer? I'm dying here.

    2 days ago
  • babybluelamentations

    how’d i miss this?? i must be tripping, damn. This is so, so rich with beautiful metaphors and descriptions, i don’t understand how every single piece you publish can be so perfect. This piece is such a lovely depiction of young love, and endless nights, it feels like a snapshot from a parallel universe where everything is just how it should be. amazing job, and i have anha to thank for enlightening me about this amazing piece of yours. <3

    2 months ago
  • AcetheticallyPleasing

    Oh my stars, this was magnificent. This was so cute and natural, almost as if I were reading it out of a diary. Your word choice really brings out the love these two have for each other. Great job, thanks for entering the contest! ^^

    4 months ago
  • loveletterstosappho

    my dumb gay wlw ass heart just went oajweoifajwefjals;kdfj klas

    4 months ago
  • bambiamby

    Incredible. One word. I think thats all i need to say

    4 months ago
  • Anha

    this is adorable :). i barely even realised that you were naming colours as i read this; it flowed so naturally!

    4 months ago