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What Lying Kids Need To Hear

December 4, 2019

I’m on the school bus going home. I got in trouble for fighting in school. I know my parents are going to be mad, but I don’t know how to tell them. I can only imagine the punishment. I think I’m going to lie. 

This is what lying kids really need to hear: 

Telling your parents why you’re in trouble or what happened is better than trying to lie. If you are afraid of the punishment, being honest will always be better than trying to get out of the circumstance by lying.  
When you try to lie, you’re taking the risk of getting caught. If your parents already know what happened, you’re caught. If you get caught the punishment could double, sometimes even triple. If you get caught in the future, your parents also won’t trust you. 

When you honestly tell your parents that you got in trouble, you could even get let off the hook. If you are honest you aren’t taking the risk of getting caught and doubling your punishment. If you get in trouble in the future, your parents would be able to trust your side of the story. 

So next time you get in trouble, be honest, tell your parents you got in trouble. It’s harder to be honest, but is extremely better than lying.


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