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Train of Thought

December 4, 2019


You used to make me smile
When you walked in the room.
But when you left me in the dust
I didn't know what to do.

So I went in search
Of something that was new
But when I got back on my feet
My thoughts came back to you.

I can still think back
To when we were together.
But I still don't know why I thought
That we would let forever.

Each day I go a-running,
And hiding from the truth.
But when I wake up in the morn
My thoughts come back to you.

And I wish I could forget your smile.
I wish I could forget everything about you.
But no matter hard I try,
My thoughts come back to you.

Now you ran off and engaged
To the love of your life.
So I'll be sure to warn him
So he won't be surprised.

And even though there's
A lot of things I lose
I just can't get rid of
The thoughts that keep on coming back to you.

Now I know you're gone for sure.
But I ain't got nothing to lose.
And even though I don't love you anymore,
My thoughts come back to you.
This is a song I wrote for my guitar. I had to edit the song some and I think it works better as a song instead of a poem (as most songs are, I mean could you imagine The Bohemian Rhapsody as a poem?) But since I haven't posted a poem in a while, I thought I'd post this.


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