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Kat Sparks

United States

An almost-adult from snow and sun country. Doesn't feel like growing up anytime soon or staying the same age forever, though.

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Insanity is just another word for 'eccentric genius'. A saying that I live by which lets me write as much in whatever genre I want however I want to.

State of the Nation, Esmerelda Style

April 15, 2015

Mind you, it' more likely that I'll be dead tomorrow than any of these come true. Not an exaggeration. But nonetheless, a girl can dream, can't she?

It doesn't hurt that all my wishes come true. Even if that does have some very, very mean backlash that I don't want. Like, maybe, the Apocalypse if I make a wrongly-worded wish? Yeah, no.

...You know what, how about I just not wish? I'll just hope. Hoping is good.

1. It'd really be nicer for everyone if the world was actually fair.

2. Everything would stop trying to kill me.

3. Especially if the things that they were trying to kill me for weren't my fault.

4. Because, I mean, it's not like I want to be the one to bring about the apocalypse.

5. Let alone by accident.

6. Heck, is it too much to ask for that there is no end of the world while I'm around?

7. Friends, albeit being a very cliche wi-hope, hope, would be very nice and a great change from the afore-mentioned would-be murderers.

8. Totally unrelated, of course, but the minions? They're annoying. Get rid of them.

9. Of course, the basic: I really wish I didn't have to be the one to deal with all this.

10. A lifetime supply of cookies would be appreciated, especially if nothing else comes true. It would make up for just about everything else.


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