Peer Review by Tushar Mandhan (India)

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Mother Natures Surrender

By: AnnaTypeWriter

PROMPT: One Home

Terror pierced the feathers of the baby blue bird, blood seeped between the veins of Her decaying leaves as the poison unravels like rippling waves - She would never breath so long this race rests heavy against Her chest, each breath closer to heaving, each shout more like shrieking. 

Anger seeped into Her veins like the roots of a willow, grounded and spreading.

Her feet walked through riverbeds, Her soul old and cracked as sunlight streams between the ravines of her palms. A grey mist covered Her land, a blanket protecting the trees from wandering eyes. Like a shield to its beauty, like She was afraid at what they would do with such emerald, such richness ready to bargain with.

Her golden ethereal eyes gazed at what She once called Her love, destroyed by those to whom first claimed it. She came to seek those not yet intoxicated - drunk in fear turned hatred - yet She found addicts to war roaming between Her loving hands. For She crafted the soil beneath their combat boots, above their hardened bullets, between their trenched hatred.

And white draped over Her shoulders like a sign of surrender, a surrender to Her assault.

They searched the expanse of the sky for some sign of hope yet recieved nothing but aicd rain from heavy clouds ready to crumble.

Peer Review

The writer's ability to capture frames with words is amazing. The thing that I relate the most in this piece is the pain of the baby blue bird and her fate. The writer's idea for the prompt proves how creative his/her creativity.

Absolutely nothing. This piece is already well explained.

Reviewer Comments

You've written such beautifully and narrative style is so engaging. I loved reading it. Keepwriting! <3