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there's only one earth and mom says we have to share

riparian rights

December 3, 2019

PROMPT: One Home

this is no ownership here
the shore belongs to the water and the slow tide 

the dotted lines have never breathed a word of truth
not to anything but scarred maps, co-conspirators laying
down their bodies for the freedom to walk along
weed-laden highways, in the sweat of a new day 

you have a name for everything and I,
I have no name, yet sit
like a beetle pinned to a board, under oath,
like two thousand rivers and their rights to bodily autonomy

two thousand women turned into lakes
I am your buttons in a jar
your rights and wrongs glinting behind the glass,
the outline of my body surrounded in chalk

there is nothing here to heal,
only to let rest,
let roll over in the night to turn out the lamp

to let gently, slowly sleep


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1 Comment
  • luluwrites111

    okay so first i read your poem then i looked up riparian rights lol. I love your interpretation of the prompt and my favorite lines are "co-conspirators laying/down their bodies for the freedom to walk along/weed-laden highways, in the sweat of a new day"

    over 1 year ago