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Summer Wonderland

December 10, 2019

December 9th, 2017 
Finally a snow day! School is out and an extra day for homework and relaxing. Where I live we only get we only get 1 snow day a year usually, but they're just like weekends only unplanned.

December 19th-20th, 2017 
    Yay... a whole day of traveling. I know your like it's not bad, trying being in a car with your siblings for 15 hours. Try being 1 plane with at least a hundred people on for 20 hours! First a 2 hour flight, the waiting for 3 hours, then going on another for 20 hours. We always go on a Saturday so we skip Mondays. We we up in the air, then I looked out the window and I had no idea if there was a sunrise or a sunset.
    We arrived to Kaiteriteri Motor Reserve, after flying and 3 hours in a car. In the car I counted 165 road kills, don't ask. When we went to our caravan and the power station next to us had some California quails.
At the end of the day after we went to the beach, we walked out the the beach to watch the sunset. Then we walked to the outlook looking at the beach. 

December, Another day, 2017
    As we walked to some of the rock I said, 
"Oh look a mood ring without the color changing part!" 
"That's a wedding band" my mom said.
We walked down to the office and gave the ring to one of the people to put in the lost and found.

December,someday, 2017 
We went to the bay, Breaker's Bay, like always, we walked up the road and down the steep stairs into the white hot sand. We all took our flip flops off but it hurt our feet because it was immensely hot. I had a tree project for school and I took a photo of a pohutukawa. A pohutukawa is a beautiful big red and green tree. We buried my brother in the sand and drew a mermaid on the sand on top of him. 

  DECEMBER 25th, 2017
I woke up to spitting rain and birds chirping. I just laid there, eyes closed.
    Oh yay snow! I thought. Then I felt the warmth of the sun on my eyes and I slowly opened my eyes.
    Oh, it wasn't snowing it was just rain. Some people would like rain, but I don't, it rains quite a lot where I live. 
I reached for my IPad to check what time it is.
       Monday, December 25th   
I whispered,
    I remembered the people camping next to us stayed up unto 2:00AM wrapping presents. I don't know how their kids couldn't hear them. I love spending Christmas and New Years in New Zealand. We usually travel for Christmas or our family comes to the USA. None of my intermediate family lives in America besides me, my brother, my dog, and my parents. 
    I heard my mom walking past my uncle's caravan which I slept in the corner of the awning. I put my flip-flops on and my Santa hat on, quietly opened the awning door of the caravan and stepped on the cold wet mat. The mat was useful, it kind of kept cold drinks cool.
    "Can I go on a walk with you to the beach" I whispered.
    We walked out of the motor reserve on the sidewalk, and on to the beach. We look for cat- eyes, which are a type of shell. My Nana has always loved cat-eyes, she gave me a very special bracelet with cat eyes on. This walk took around 45 minutes, walking on the beach, looking at the sun rising, dipping our feet into the water. Then we went back to the caravan. 
    "Merry Christmas" my family said (my uncle, my aunt, my dad and my brother).

I know this isn't great but if I had more time soon as tis the season... to have midterms. 

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