Sean Owens

United States


December 3, 2019


So we had this English essay due and it was a big part of our grade for English. So me being the responsible student did it the day it was due. I wasn't stressing about it through because i already knew what i had to do but its a bad habit that I need to break especially with midterms coming up.


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  • CreativeAngel

    I have literally suffered this and i regret but still procrastinate.
    In America we have this thing called NHD (National History day) for American Government class and this was actually last year. I happened to be going out of country when the final notecards were due and the essay was due a few days after i came back. I hated that class first of all. But it was a year long project basically with 50 total notecards with information and 10 more with cited sources in MLA format or something. So we would do about 10-20 at a time. When the last notecards were due
    a) i wasn't there to turn them in
    b) id didn't due them due to..procrastination
    Ok so then i came back and we had a unit test for the whole unit i missed, completely bombed it btw. The essay was due the Monday of next week during the week i came back. I asked the teacher what to do about it and he said he's not sure if he'll take my essay late because apparently travelling is an "unexcused absence". That really worried me so Friday night i finished up any other homework (thank god i had fairly decent teachers that excused or gave me weeks to make up work. I left for like 2 and a half weeks.) Friday night i also started on the 20 notecards that were due a week or two ago. I did nothing but work on the notecards, i think it was a 6-7 page outline. And then i finally started the essay and managed to finish an 8 page essay in one day. Lemme tell you, i did not even touch my phone that i am addicted to for three whole days and that ain't right. I turned the essay in literal minutes before the deadline at 11:59 pm. That felt good to be done. And that semester i would've ended all As except this same American Government teacher wanted to give me half points for the work i made up when i wasn't even there and i had an 89! I'm pretty sure he was surprised i was able to finish. Something about the way i put it or something made him take points off but i mean, what i did in a day the others got at least 2 weeks but i don't rlly know so i'm not complaining. So you'd think i learned a lesson from that? Nope! Still study the night before a test and do my hw the night before and everything the night before. Currently, i have PLTW (engineering class) homework which is writing a letter to someone explaining circuits and a separate conclusion page but as we know, i'm gonna do it thursday most likely, the day before it's due!
    If you read that horribly long story i'm sorry and i appreciate and love you very much thank you for coming to storytime

    12 months ago
  • Maryam

    UHHGGG! I can relate to this so bad, it's sad. I really got to start doing work, or else my grades gonna suffer. :(

    12 months ago
  • hi i'm jackson ;)

    oh child i know your pain i am so bad at doing my actual work

    12 months ago
  • Kepler

    Go watch 'Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator"

    It's a TED Talk by Tim Urban.


    12 months ago