Sarah Ferguson

United States of America

What December Is To Me

December 10, 2019

 Driving down the street, sitting in a car full of kids who radiate anticipation and excitement, we make our way across town to visit family. Tiny lights of many different colors illuminate the streets and cars that surround us. These lights instantly strike joy into the hearts of the children in the car and easily become their favorite part of this special occasion. Those lights that, on their own, envelop the very image of the season. Time passes by as the children arrive to their destination. They memorize every detail around them as they make their way to the front door. The window glows with golden lights that exuberate warmth. Warmth is felt throughout the house and cancels out the numbing chill that awaits outside. The children stuff themselves full of treats. They make memories that will last a life time. These memories are full of many different emotions that will help shape the children into adolescence. This season means tiny colorful lights and windows glowing gold. 


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