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December 3, 2019

PROMPT: One Home

In big crowds I look out
He's scared
She's annoyed
He's in a rush
She really doesn't want to go where she's heading 
We're all in the same scenario,point A to point B
Trying to touch the least amount of butts we can
There's always that one person who purposely strokes your hand on the stair bannister (It happens, trust me)
You have your weirdos
Your avoiders
Your rushers
The hesitants
And the impatients, all working in different ways, some yelling, pushing, eyerolling
And this is a 5 minute hustle, and a bunch is going on
Isn't life just a 5 minute hustle in 
Whoa there, too deep!
But is it?
Nope, not deep enough, humans are incredibly complex
Born without a layer of hair all around the body
Without gills
Horns, just a brain
The ability to think and observe
And the sense to study the creatures and objects around us.


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