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December in my part of the world.

December 7, 2019

December! You hear this word, what comes to your mind? Snow, cold breeze, waking up, going to school, college or your workplace, and breathing in and out cold air. Well, I can't say more because where I live, December is nowhere like this.
In my part of the world, December is different. Pakistan is a vast country the variation of winter is different in each part of my homeland. My city, Karachi faces cold which is not too cold. With the ceiling fan turned off you can easily roam in your house wearing normal day clothes plus there is no need for a heater. Yeah, these are our winters. 
Start of the day. It's 6:30 in the morning I wake up for college. It's not too cold. Not even a little cold if you compare it with the rest of the parts of the country. Winters do not hit Karachi. But still, it's cold enough to make your lazy heart and body desire to stay in bed rather than attending the lectures. Or worse, give an exam. Exams are, I would say the cruelest thing about December in Karachi. Nothing can be done, the journey to college it is then.
But there is one good thing for the students, in December we get a one week holiday. It is seriously the best thing that could happen to us in this season and these seven days are the most awaited seven days of the year for us. Our minds deserve some rest. 
Despite the weather is not harsh, it still gets people sick and I might be a little crazy to think this, but I actually like this phase of December. Wheezings and flu, sore throats and mild fever, these diseases make me feel the spirit of this month with a full hit.
Even though I am not a Christian and I don't celebrate Christmas but I still love the aroma it spreads everywhere. Our wonderful Christian brothers and sisters here rejoice their holy festival with so beautiful spirits and without causing discomfort for the rest of the people, it really makes me entranced. 
That is my most favorite part. The streets seem busier than they do normally. Women look with their traditional shawls to protect themselves from the slightly cold wind during the night time. On the streets, there are people selling nuts. There is not a single street where you will not find a nuts stall or as we call it in Urdu, "A Thaila." Peanuts are like a cultural heritage in my city. People are so crazy about them. The most in-demand  peanuts here are called "The Parachinar." Named after a place from where they are sent to the rest of the cities and villages. And December also brings with itself very delicious Oranges. It's the Season of Oranges!  
December is a month full of harmony. There is something so special and delightful about this month which makes it so unique and novel. It's a month filled with so much pleasure. I personally feel so positive this month and it just gives good vibes. December forces a person to look back at their past and mistakes. It gives them a chance to hope for more life so that they can be better. It makes us see the true meaning of the end. 
And living in Pakistan which has such a strong and glamorous culture. It reminds me of my heritage. I look around and all I see is people cherishing with full autonomy. Everyone has the liberty to do their own thing. December in my city, in my opinion, is much more about culture than it is about winters. 


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  • HermioneGranger67

    I love this piece! I love how you incorporated the cultural elements from Pakistan and your writing style makes me feel cozy and happy. Great work!!!

    8 months ago