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People Of The Earth

December 2, 2019

PROMPT: One Home

People of the Earth:
Eat warm meals surrounded by their merry family.
Others sit on the concrete steps of an old building.
People of the Earth:
Laugh until they cry or
Erase their hot tears from their cheeks.

Oh how bright the mood of wondrous souls, but
Forever will foul things fall from foul mouths. 

The footsteps of people running down the sidewalks
However, some walk slow along the paved road. 
Either way, both have places to go.

Everyone has a reason behind their life.
And everyone has emotion hidden deep inside of them
Really, everyone is a human being trying to get by every day.
The things we do and say are all the same.
Home is where we all go at the end of the day.
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1 Comment
  • Dragon-Like-Tendencies

    This is awesome! I love the vitality and visual clues, they add to the beauty of the poem.

    8 months ago