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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Practice makes Perfect.
If you aren't a good writer now, practice and you will be.
Mistakes will come and go but don't dwell on them too much.


December 2, 2019


He saw me yell at the bell.
He thinks I'm crazy.

She saw me fake it till I made it.
She thinks I'm dishonest.

They saw me fall in the hall.
They think I'm clumsy.

The teacher saw me forgive and live.
The teacher thinks I'm nice.

I saw my food and said mood.

Who knows what people have seen
Isn't it amazing to imagine how many different sides of you people have seen like even strangers like it's so crazy to think about and yes have a good day :)


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  • December 2, 2019 - 8:41pm (Now Viewing)

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  • CreativeAngel

    Thank you! I had good ideas back then, wonder what happened now..

    12 months ago
  • camlily

    "I saw my food and said mood" that's an actual mood I love it

    12 months ago