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Best Friends

December 7, 2019



My best friends are always there when I need them. When I am sad comfort me. When I am mad the back up. They make me laugh until I can’t breath. They make fun of me but they know when to stop. You see they aren't like most best friends they are my brothers. I will love them until I die and that's no joke. No matter how mad the make me or what the say i will still love them. Most girls have mostly friends that are girls, Me no way you will rarely see me with a group of girls. It's not because I don’t like girls, it's just they are like big babies they cry about everything. They always talk about boys, which I really don't see a difference. But all my friend talk about is the boy that i'm dating you know because i'm the only girl. I still to this day wonder if i would have great friends if we didn't move, But i'm kinda glad we didn't.


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