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Best Friends

By: powerlove13


My best friends are always there when I need them. When I am sad comfort me. When I am made the back up, but still make me more mad. They make me laugh until I can’t breath. They make fun of me but they know when to stop. You see they aren't like most best friends they are my brothers. I will love them until I die and that's no joke. No matter how mad the make me or what the say i will still love them. Most girls have mostly friends that are girls, Me no way you will rarely see me with a group of girls. It's not because I don’t like girls, it's just they are like big babies they cry about everything. They always talk about boys, which I really don't see a difference. But all my friend talk about is the boy that i'm dating you know because i'm the only girl. I still to this day wonder if i would have great friends if we didn't move, But i'm kinda glad we didn't.

Peer Review

It was interesting.

Maybe you could go into further detail about some of your friends individually. I think it would improve the piece.

Reviewer Comments

Keep writing! :)