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I'm a 13 year old girl, who loves to write. I apologize is anything doesn't flow with the rest of what I am writing. I'm trying though. I think I'm a good writer, but I'll let you decide that. XD

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Here is chapter two! If you haven't, please go check out chapter one! Thank you for all the love and support on the first chapter? Can we get just as much over here? (Peer reviews are highly appreciated) :)

Chapter Two Of Fallin'

December 5, 2019


    “This is 9-1-1, what is your emergency?”
    “My family and I got in a car crash. I don’t know where we are, or exactly what happened. My parents seem to be unconscious. Can you please help us?”
    “Okay Hun. Be patient with us.. Does your car look smokey?”
    I look around. “No.”
    “Okay. Don’t move. Stay there until the police come.”
    “Thank you.” The person on the other side of the phone hangs up. I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. My legs are pinned against what I assume is the front seat. I can’t look down enough to see exactly what it is. My parents seem to be out cold. I can faintly hear them breathing. I think only the passenger parts of the car were hit. That means, if I’m right, that all my stuff is safe. Some probably broke when we started rolling. I really hope my art supplies are okay. I knew we should have went home. Then, we wouldn’t be in this mess.
    It takes about five minutes for the police to get here. One comes and throws open the passenger door on my side. He looks down at my legs.
    “Oh my gosh.” He says. I know he is saying that because of what he sees. I have lost all feeling in my left leg. The right leg has some feeling, so I can feel the pain. The pain is sharp, simulating a dagger twisting in circles. I feel it over and over and over again. It hurts really bad now. I can’t take it anymore so I start to break down. The police officers and the ambulance people are trying to calm me down. The others, are trying to get me out.
    “Hey. What’s your name?” It’s one of the ambulance people. 
    “I’m…. I’m Av…. Ava.”
    “Well, Ava, we are going to load your parents into the ambulance. Okay?” I just nod. The pain in my leg and my sobbing makes it hard to talk.
    I watch as they carefully take my mom out of the car and load her into the truck. The first ambulance drives away, the one my mom is in. The others try to get my dad. I think his door got stuck when we rolled, so they are having a hard time opening it.
    “Don’t worry. We’ll get him out.” I look over at that same guy that was talking to me earlier. “Where you the one that called 9-1-1?”
    “That was very brave of you.”
    “I… not re… okay.” I honestly have no idea what I meant by saying that. By the look on his face, I don’t think he did either.
    “Even if you don’t think it was, it was. Some people, especially the kids, just are so in shock that they just sit there and wait. You did the right thing.”
    “I know. They need the help, so I got them help.”
    “They aren’t the only ones who need help.” He looks down at my legs. His eyes are shimmering from what I think is a small tear. I can tell he feels bad for me, I do too. However, I am more concerned about my parents. If they die, I don’t know what I would do. They mean the world to me. Just like I mean the world the them. Well, that is what I would assume.
    They just managed to break off the door by my dad. He seems to be shifting a bit. Hopefully that means he’ll be okay. I want them both to be okay. I need them both to be okay. They need to be better than okay. I do too. This event will most likely change our lives forever. I don’t know if we will be able to accept that this once happened. If we all make it out alive. They might be able to accept it, because they seem to be less injured. They may have gotten a concussion, maybe they’ll forget exactly what happened tonight. I on the other hand, will most likely remember for the rest of my life. It will haunt me forever.
    They get Dad out okay and start carrying him to the truck. I watch as it drives away, I feel weirded out by the fact that I am now alone. Well, there are still plenty of people here, but I mean without my parents. I am scared and alone. 
    Tears start to roll down my face and before you know it, I can’t stop sobbing.
    “Hey. It’ll be alright. Your parents are in good hands. You will join them soon. We just need to get you out. Are you okay with that?” His eyes show the truth. I decide to trust him.
    “Okay. You promise they’ll be okay?”
    “Well I can’t say for sure, but they are in pretty good shape for someone who was just in a car crash.”
    “Okay. Do… do you promise that I’ll get to see them.”
    “Now that I can promise.”
    “Okay, this might hurt a bit. Just remember that the pain will be worth it when you get to see them again. You will see them again.”
    “Okay. I’m ready.”
    “Good. Deep breaths.” He signals over more people. Two of them are rolling over the stretcher. The rest are gripping my limbs and other body parts.
    “On my signal,” It’s the same guy who was just talking to me. “On three.” The others nod in agreement. “One, two, three!”
    My limbs are limp in their arms. They are able to lift me out pretty easily. They try to lay me out on the stretcher, but my legs aren’t cooperating.
    “Ahhhhhhh! Stop stop stop! It hurts! Don’t bend them! Please!” Tears come pouring down my face like bullets. The pain is too overwhelming. I can barely feel anything, so if I could I would probably wish I were dead at this moment. For now, this much pain is enough. Any more and it would be just flat out torcher.
    “Okay you can keep them bent. Just please, don’t look down at them.”
    “Just trust me.” I do trust him, so I don’t attempt at it. I don’t think I have the strength to move my neck anyway.
    They move me towards the last ambulance. As they spin me around, I finally get to see the wreck. It is awful. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone could survive based on the looks of it. We were extremely lucky.
    The ride is short. It helps that all the cars get out of the way. I can’t see them, but I know that’s what is happening. The van comes to a stop. The back doors swing open. The fresh air smells soft. The air is cold against my scraped skin. Wait, it’s cold. I can tell that it’s cold. I am getting back a little feeling. It must be the meds they put me on. I am just relieved at this point. My life might actually get back to normal. Of course I probably have too high of hopes.
    The transition from the van to the ground is a bit rocky. They run my stretcher, well swiftly push it, past the doors and straight into an empty room. They transfer me carefully onto the bed next to the stretcher. This time it wasn’t as painful, because they didn’t try to straighten my legs. Soon after, a doctor takes a look at me. I hear a small gasp escape his lips. It sounded like it was cut off.
    “Doc, there’s no point in trying to hide your emotions from me. I know it’s bad.  But tell me, how bad is it?” I wait for an answer. There is none. “I should get to know what’s wrong with me.
    “Well, your legs are in pretty bad shape. They will heal with time. My guess is you will be in a wheelchair for awhile.”
    “How long? I was on my way to my new college when we wrecked. I can’t be in a wheelchair for the whole year. It won’t be that long, right?”
    “We don’t know for sure. Healing takes time. You will stay in it for as long as your legs need. This is the best and quickest way for you to heal.”
    “I…. I can’t be like this. How am I supposed to get around. Everyone’s gonna laugh at me. This can’t be happening.”
    “Well things happen for a reason. Maybe think of this as like a test. You have to practice for a test, so coping with a wheelchair is your practice. If you practice enough, you will do good on the test.”
    “You have a really weird way of explaining this.” I’m surprised I could even make a joke at a time like this.
    He gives me a smile and says, “Well, you understood didn’t you?”
    “Yeah, I did.”
    “Okay, now enough talking and more resting. The resting is preparing for your ‘test’.”
    I can’t nod my head, so I try to do it with my eyes. He seems to have understood. He leans my bed all the way down to the point where it is actually like a bed. He walks out of the room and I start to close my eyes.
    My mind starts to drift out into space. I hear silence. I feel nothing. Memories flash through my head. They are only short clips, but they go fast. Only images or words are shown. The words are going really fast now. They seem to be combining to form a phrase, or maybe it’s trying to form a sentence. The words say, “Blinded, by, past, need, move, on.”
What does that mean? Blinded by what? Move on from what? This makes no sense. These questions roam around in my head. I am just confused. That’s all. Just try to ignore them.
    The same words keep flashing through my head. I am sick of it. It won’t stop. I can’t see anything other than the words in my head. I can’t hear anything other then the sound of my heart slowly beating. I can’t feel anything. Well, I feel like I’m falling. Falling, falling, and more falling. A deep sleep seems to be coming over me. Now, it almost feels as though I am drowning. Like something is pulling me down. I can feel the water filling up my lungs.
    I struggle as I start running out of breath. It is going, going, going, gone. I take a small gasp for air. My last hope is to hold tight onto this air, but it slips away. There is a loud beep from the monitor next to me, seconds before I can not sense anything anymore.
Here is chapter two! Thank you all for the love and support on the first chapter. I would really appreciate some peer reviews. Peer reviews help me get others' opinions. They will help me become a better writer. Sorry that it is a little shorter than the first one. Thank you so much for reading!


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