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Merry Christmas y'all! And remember if something bad happens in your life your family are here to support you!

The First Christmas Without Her

December 3, 2019


The evening crackled with joy like the fire that was in front of me. I could here amused laughs, jolly voices, family members catching up and behind it all festive Christmas music. Ruby red and pine-forest green tinsel hung from the plain white walls, with brown gingerbread-men hanging limply from them. The smell of chocolate pudding, pork roast, sugary cookies, and vanilla custard hit my nose. I breathed it in, wanting to go over to the dining table and gobble it all up. But I was too sad to move. A cold tear fell down my cheek. I whipped it away quickly as my dad came and set down beside me. He held a clear glass cup with dark purple blueberry juice inside.
"Hey, sweetheart would you like some cookies? Granny baked them," Dad wondered, gently brushing my brown hair away from my eyes. 
"No," I croaked. I watched the snow fall down through the blackened sky. Christmas day was not as fun as last year. I was too sad to open my presents from Santa and from my family. I didn't even go out with my cousins to make snowmen or have snowball fights. I was too sad to move from the warmth and comfort of the fireplace. 
"What's wrong honey?" Dad cooed.
"Nothing," I murmured.
"Really, what's wrong Hazel?" Dad asked again. 
"I said nothing," I snapped
"You can tell me, sweetheart."
"I don't have to."
"Please tell me, I'm your Dad."
"Fine, I'll tell you! Do you think I can be happy today? How can I be happy! It's the first Christmas since Mom died!" I snarled loudly. Everyone stopped talking at stared sympathetically at me. Tears flew out of my eyes as I ran to my bedroom. I slammed the door shut and stuffed my face into my pillow. I was eight when my Mom died. Exactly eight. How do I know that? Because she died on my birthday.

It was a car accident. She hit another car and then ran into a telegraph pole. She didn't make it out alive. Dad told me she had gone to get my birthday cake. But she never came home with it. She never came home at all. I cried and cried for days on end. I didn't go back to school until two months after it happened. The memories filled my head as I sobbed. Mom used to play with me on Christmas day. She would make the best Christmas apple pie. But now she's not here to celebrate Christmas with me.

My door creaked open and Aunt Ann came to sit down beside me on my bed. She stroked my arm, trying to comfort me. I jerked my arm away from her grasp and she sighed.
"I'm so sorry Hazel," She whispered. I looked into her ocean blue eyes. They were filled with grief. I buried my face into her woolly red jumper and cried. 
"It's ok darling," She soothed, rocking back and forth. 
"I'm sorry Aunt Ann. I ruined the Christmas party," I mumbled. 
"No darling no. You didn't ruin anything. But I'm sad too. Your mother and I were sisters remember, and we always spent Christmas together. I know how you feel. I miss her too," Aunt Ann said softly. I sniffled and looked up at her once more. She returned my gaze and managed to smile.
"Want to try my apple pie? It's not as good as your Mom's but-" She stopped as I looked away. Then I held her hand and stood up.
"Okay," I sighed. She smiled again and led me back out to the Christmas party. I felt warmth in my heart. And maybe a slight bit of happiness. It was sad that Mom wasn't with me but my family was. They felt my pain and loss. And they cared for me like my Mom would if she were here.



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    oh this is so poignant and beautiful~ wonderful piece <33

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