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See that girl kneeling next to the bookshelf in the library? She's whispering the book titles to herself. That's me. Back away slowly, and then run.

Glass House

December 2, 2019


When you said glass house I thought you meant that some parts of it are glass but 
I guess not I mean here it is and it's made entirely of glass
You're right, it is pretty. Just so shiny!
I wasn't being sarcastic I just mean
Well it's kind of blinding me because of the light glinting off it
No, that's ok
Keep your sunglasses
I guess we'll never have any secrets with the neighbors since everyone can see inside.
No, I'm glad you were able to find it
I mean in this economy it's a wonder we were able to find any house at all that we could afford
Guess we had better be careful to not throw things.


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