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Only five spots left!

Free Gifts For WTW Users #EL1678's Gift Givings 01

December 2, 2019


Hello fellow WTW users! December is the month of gift-giving right? I thought so! So I decided to do several gift-giving days every few days for this month. This will include peer reviews, public comments, and likes! The first however so many that put their user down to receive their gift (with a link to the piece they want the gift to go to). Remember if it says the first ten then only the first ten get the gift but there will be many chances to claim a gift from me! #El1678's Gift Givings 

Today I will be giving a like and public comment to the first 15 that put their user and piece link down. I will give you your gifts around 1-5 days after you put your user down to receive the gifts. This is #El1678's Gift Givings 01 out of the many I will do this month! :)

Only five spots left! Write down user and link to claim! Don't write down if the spots are taken. You will get the chance to get a gift from me later. :)


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  • SoulStone

    Oh wow, this is such a good idea! I don't have a specific writing but here is a link to my page
    Thank you!

    10 months ago
  • MimiChoudhury


    10 months ago
  • El1678

    And if you have already taken a spot you don't need to write down user and link again :)

    10 months ago