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The Boy King #WritingFantasy

December 2, 2019


    “So...it’s a minor inconvenience?” Nakoa kicked a loose stone off the cobblestone street, his mild expression contorting into one of confusion.
    “The king is a dead and his only heir is just a boy, and the best you can come up with is a minor inconvenience?” Alistair spat, eyes blazing with barely-contained rage; his blond locks caught fire in the light of the sun, “Ase Themar will erupt into a civil war!” The men stalked through the Kegs, speaking in hushed tones. 
    “We’ll figure things out, Alistair. The Goddess will guide us.” King Vídarr of the South had been poisoned on the eve of Direfall. His majesty was pronounced dead before the clock struck midnight. His people mourned his death, none more so than his son, Prince Evandar. The king was no longer as young as he was a decade ago, but he had still retained some youth throughout his reign; thus, his death was unexpected, queer almost.
    Direfall was the name that was given to a single day of the year in which the two reigning kings of Ase Themar were to have a duel for control of the southern stretch of land where the mountains and only trade route by land lay.
    Alistair and Nokoa turned right at the next corner and strode into the blacksmith’s shop, their dusty travel-worn boots scraping against stone. They ambled past the numerous display cases and targets, entering the forge.
    Hot, dry air rushed into their faces, the sharp tang of metal hung in the air like fog. A thin, wiry woman stood with his back to them, pounding forcefully at the lump of metal; it would soon become a weapon of war.
    A war in which blood will be shed, men and women shall be lost and a crown shall be won.
Finished: (02/12/2019 5:44PM)

Thank you to @Crazy for hosting this awesome contest! I do love fantasy quite a bit. Apologies, but I am one word over the limit; please forgive me!


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  • Princess Maria

    This looks really interesting...I would love to see a longer story or novel on this!

    6 months ago