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I am 14
(but I don't want to be so... I still pretend I'm 13.)
I am a listener
(I am willing to help anyone.)
I am a Catholic.
I LOVE to read and write
Dragons exist!

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Take a moment to read the beginning of my book, please!
The King's Cause Prologue

I was not rescued by a prince;
I was the administrator of my OWN rescue

I tried to beat my reading addiction......
Worst Two Minutes Of My Life

The Tiger and the Lion may be more powerful...
...but the Wolf does not perform in the circus.

Keep Writing!!!!!!!

Writer's Block #quickrhymes2

February 13, 2020


I can start my story any way I choose
When I am writing, I do not lose
And Words do not stop coming
Inside there is this insistent drumming
Telling me to write

I like once upon a time
Or even long, long ago
But it all falls into place with rhyme
Such a soothing flow
I forget what I want to say
But the words are already here
There will always be a way
To move past your writing fear

The words seem quiet...
They are brooding
This silence...
It is not soothing
Mu pencil wants to write, to speak
But the voice in my head is weak
It does not know what to do
But it truly wants to speak to you
Shove down a word on paper
Yes, write
It does not have to be the best
But we fight
Fight for our words
Fight to be heard
You cannot edit a blank page
Do not put yourself in that cage
Pull, push, break the lock
And write away your writer's block


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