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A Casualty of Youth

December 2, 2019


You aren't very subtle.
Trying to slip into my room without making a sound.
You step on every squeaky floorboard. 

What's it my parents always say?
Oh yeah, "Blissful ignorance"

You're going to get caught one day. 
It's honestly embarrassing, you're making yourself look like an amateur. 
Isn't it your job, as a teenager to be as sneaky and rotten as my parents say you are?
Y'know, to live up to the name? 

I sit in my bed, feet tucked safely away under my blankets. 
You're sorry attempts to persuade me will never succeed.

I'm no amateur. 
I don't need to be subtle to have a good time.
I know which floorboards to walk on and I'm allowed out the front door. 

Perhaps you struggle to understand,
That's because you're just another casualty of our youth,
Gone down the rabbit hole.   

You and I, we are not alike. 
No matter how hard you fight and wish, 
I am not better than you, you are not worse than me,
I simply don't play childish games.  



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