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Happy Birthday To Me

By: ava09 (sorta back)

    It's hard to have a December birthday. Ask anyone who does, and they'll agree. Sandwiched between three of the biggest holidays of the year (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's), it's so, so easy to get lost. I know I feel lost sometimes.
    My birthday is December 9th, and I turn 16 this year. It's supposed to be a big deal, a huge birthday. My Sweet Sixteen. And it will be, only I'm not celebrating until after winter break because of finals an the holidays, and I'm not going to get my driver's license because I haven't had the time to take drivers ed yet. And I'm okay with that. But sometimes it's hard to be grateful for being born in this month. December. So much is going on, it's on to the next thing and the next and the next. It's easy to forget the big things, let alone the little things that get lost along the way. December is a month of chaos.
    One of my friends was born on Christmas Day, and her family are Catholic (not strict at all, though) so they celebrate Christmas. She is one of the sweetest girls I know, and she's unfailingly kind, but I've seen her face fall when someone mentions her birthday is also Christmas. 
    "Yeah, it is," she replies, smiling with chagrin, "it can kinda suck sometimes but it's okay."
    She doesn't get a special day every year, she has to share it with a man whom billions of people around the world worship.
    I got lucky. In my house, there is no Christmas, no decorations, no music, no Christmas cookies, nothing, until after my birthday. My parents wanted to make sure I feel just as celebrated as my siblings do on their birthdays. It's one of my favorite holiday traditions. I get to have my special day, and it doesn't take away from the holidays or anything. It just gives me something that's just mine and mine alone. Kind of like a song written just for me.
    Every year, there's always one radio channel in my area, 93.9 MyFM, who plays holiday and Christmas music starting around Thanksgiving, sometimes after Halloween, and ending well into January. I don't understand why; Christmas is great and all, but doesn't it seem a bit overkill? Taking so many months to play holiday music when we could be listening to oldies but goodies or new music? The holidays seem more and more like cash cows than a time to spend with family and friends. To me, it was always infuriating to be channel surfing on the radio and hear holiday carols.
    "It's not my birthday yet!" I would say indignantly when I was younger, "they have to wait until my birthday!"
    I didn't understand that the whole world didn't hold off the holidays, just my house. My outrage when my friends would start talking about how they were so stressed for finals and so couldn't hang out for my birthday was carefully hidden as we entered high school, and I've started to have sad study sessions to celebrate because no one has time to do anything else at this time of year anyway.
    As I grew older, I allowed more little bits of the holidays to sneak in earlier. "Sure, we can start the advent calendar on time this year," I would say, "and yeah, we can sing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" but only ONE time do you hear, ONE time."
    My siblings didn't always get it.
    "All my friends are putting up their Christmas decorations this week," my younger sister would come home saying the first weekend in December, "when are we putting up ours?"
    "Not until after my birthday!" I would interject, scared my parents would forget our deal, "Not until after, we can wait two weeks."
    "Not until Ava's birthday, Lucy," my parents would tell my sister, ever time, and every time she and my brother would nod and we'd go on with our lives.
    I feel bad sometimes, like I'm asking to postpone the holidays, or like I'm the robot voice telling people to "Please hold, a manager will be with you shortly" when they call companies to complain or ask for assistance. And there is always an underlying guilt, but then my birthday comes followed by finals and Christmas and I"m too caught up in the holidays to think about anything else.
    December is a whirlwind; it goes by in a flash. As soon as I realize it's December already, I'm one year older Christmas has past and it's the next year. and then every year the cycle repeats and repeats.
    December is one of the worst months of the year to be born in, ask anyone. And even though it's so easy to get lost and feel underappreciated because there are so many other things going on, I wouldn't want to be born in any other month. December is a beginning, the start of winter, a time of giving, and more than anything, when December rolls around again, it feels like coming home.

Message to Readers

Hola any and all feeback is welcome. Happy December!

Peer Review

I especially ked the fact you talked about this, because its something people who aren't born in December would knw. I personally didn't know of this (summer baby), so I had no idea of this. Because of this, I can now be a little more conscious of my December friends

I got the feeling that despite being soo annoyed with all this, which is relatable, you are kind of getting sick if this routine . Just tired of having to constantly tell your siblings inly 2 more weeks, or yell at the radio. I get it.

I think all was good.

I think i was a good ending, because it was something readers wouldn't expect. after all the things you said, I did not expect that ending. It was a surprise, so great job on that.

This was great because it came from the heart, its what you wanted people to know and what you wanted to get off your chest, so thumbs up or achieving that.

Reviewer Comments

Happy early birthday. <3<3<3