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Unkept Promises #KNContest_3

December 1, 2019


She was sitting in her dressing room, staring in the mirror. Her eyes had reddened, not because she cried but held her tears. She had grown, in past few minutes. She just noticed thecdark circles shading her eyes, and the wrinkles around the mouth.She glanced into the mirror, at the table behind her that stood close to the wall. She had placed the letter on that table.
She recalled the day when he proposed her. He knelt down and took a small box out of his pocket. He then opened the box, a diamond ring inside. He promised her all the joys, and happiness. He promised her the life. She couldn't believe it was happening, but it did.
She waited for him, watching time. And only then she noticed the red carpet she was standing on. She smiled realizing he kept his promise. But as the time passed and he did not show up, her smile disappeared. It was already time but he was nowhere. She was worried, and a boy walked up to her and handed her an envelope with a rose.
He did not come but a letter that moved her universe upside down.


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  • zalma

    It was fun, Husna :)
    I hope you don't mind me calling u like i did.

    12 months ago
  • KN Husna

    Thank you for entering!

    12 months ago