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Rock out to this awesome new beat. Introducing Sunglasses Serenade!

Sunglasses' Serenade

May 27, 2016

PROMPT: Band Name

    Sunglasses’ Serenade is an American pop-rock band that started out as a joke. Founded by lead vocalist Peter Tonkin while he was in his freshman year of college, he never expected his band to actually be a serious thing. He started out by asking his friends Gregg Marshall (lead guitarist), Joe Mckeller (drummer), and Erin Stein(bassist) to make a YouTube music video about the stereotypical love song. They started a channel and uploaded their first video in which they were all wearing sunglasses. What they never expected was their video to explode the internet. People loved their video and demanded more. After changing their name from Four Odd Ducks and an Imaginary Friend to Sunglasses Serenade they began making hits such as “Never Gonna Leave You”, “I Broke Up With Her”, “All Night Long”, “Better Than The Beach” and of course their very first song,”Love Song Tyrants”.
    The name Sunglasses Serenade is perfect as they don’t take themselves seriously and just focus on the fun of the music. Their awesome beats and amazing sound make them new and exciting and must see band.


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