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Daddy's Girl #GOrwell2

January 8, 2020


    I kiss my daughter, Natasha, on her little red head. I watch her eyes brim with tears, her beautiful, expressive, green eyes now dulled over with pure pain. I can't stand seeing her in pain. Hurts me to the core. I kneel down to meet her face, brushing a few pieces of firey red curly cues out of her eyes and tucked them behind her ears.
    "Baby girl, promise me you'll always be on your best behavior for Ma." I say rubbing my thumbs across her cheek to wipe away her tears.
    "I promise." Natasha says, her voice cracking slightly, I wrap her in my arms.
    "Promise me one more thing, promise me that if this war kills me and you never see Daddy again...you make Ma put up that ornament of the reindeer I bought." I say tickling her stomach, she smiles, I swear she has he most beautiful smile.
    "I promise, Daddy." Natasha says, I kiss both of he rosy cheeks before standing up to kiss my wife, Doreen.
    "As for you, lovely lady, promise me you'll take care of our daughter and hang the ornament up?" I asked, Doreen smiled and nodded, I could tell she was on the brink of crying, so I wrapped her and Natasha in the tightest hug I could muster before grabbing my musket.
    "Remember to buy war bonds as well, and I'll see you soon my loves." I say kissing Natasha on the cheek one last time, that makes Natasha and Doreen laugh.
    "We will, Joe." Doreen says her brown doe eyes happy and sad at the same time.

3 years later (Natasha's POV)

    "Natasha, be a dear and hand me the Christmas tree skirt won't you?" Ma asks me, I take a break from putting hooks on the ornaments to go help her, suddenly the doorbell rings.
    "Who could that be?" Ma asks looking at the large clock, on our living room wall, it read 8:30 pm. I walk curiously over to the door, wondering who could've showed up so late at night the day before a holiday. I unlock the door to see Daddy, his eyes green and happy, his smile bright, and his spirit even brighter. I stare in awe for a good two minutes, studying him. He had grown out a beard that kind of looked like a big marichino cherry, and his uniform was torn in multiple places, but even dishelved with a cherry beard, I was still so shocked to see him. I know most kids weren't as fortunate to ever see their dads again. Like my friend Maureen, her killed had been shot protecting a child from an explosion.
    "Now, Natasha, please tell me you remembered to put the reindeer ornament up?" Daddy said.

Finished date: 11/30/2019 at 1:05 am

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