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Haircut Day

November 29, 2019


"No! Mamaaa! I don't want to go!" the little girl screamed, trying to pull away from her mother's tight grip. "Let me grow it out a little longer." 
The Mom let out her 10th sigh of the hour. "Your grown out your hair long enough. It's starting to get mud and other nasty things in it. We have to get it cut."
"But Momma." the girl sobbed, "It's gonna hurt." 
"I know it will. It hurts for me too." 
"Can we please do it tomorrow? Just this once?"
"Then it'll never get done. We have to go now."
"I don't wanna go." the girl repeated again. 
"The barber's going to give you lots of numbing cream."
"Well, he doesn't know what it's like! He's bald!"
"Sweetie, I can guarantee that he had hair once. Besides, he's a trained professional. He knows what he's doing." the mother turned towards the door. "Now let's go."
The mother turned back to her daughter. "Honey, you're going to have to do this when you're older, when you're living on your own. What are you going to do then?" 
"Nothing. I'm never going to cut my hair. Ever!" 
The mother sighed yet again. "Okay. I'll make you a deal. If you're a good kid and don't make a fuss at the barber's, I'll take you out to eat. Or go to the park."
The girl's sniffling stopped. 
"Does that sound good to you?" 
The girl nodded. 
The mother smiled. "All right. So let's go get your haircut, and if you're well behaved, you'll get a treat."
"Promise you won't kick the barber?"
"Good. Then let's go." 
And with that, the mother and her daughter went out the door, hand in hand, to get her hair cut.       
Okay, so this is a very odd piece. In this world, hair has nerves, and it hurts to have it cut. Strange, I know.  


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  • El1678

    I really liked this piece! It was well done with a hint of humor. The scene between the mother and her daughter was very good. I think you should've included a bit more about the setting but it was great without it anyway. And it wasn't strange at all! Very well done with this piece! :)

    12 months ago
  • Harlow

    not at all strange. interesting concept

    12 months ago