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out of the deck of lgbt cards, im the ace

im dippin in like one week y'all should know where to find me by now


December 18, 2019


i dream of drowning.

the water is endless. it swallows. it invades.
there is taking & taking & taking but never giving;
                                                        i'm all out of air but my lungs don't know that yet.

sea-foam veins ache beneath my skin.
there is something ancient that lives within me,
longing to return to the unforgiving depths of the ocean.

i am storm-tossed and sodden.
            salt-stung eyes can not find the north star.

                                                                                            i am alone.

i wake on dry land, miles from the shore.
the chill of sea-soaked clothes follows me out of my dreams.

i fear there will always be a part of me submerged;
                            the world is muffled, drowned, blurry around the edge
                            and it hurts to breathe.

what great longing has possessed me so?
what demands me to make for the sea and dive into it's waters?

as much as i want the answers,
                                                                    there is no coming back from it.

(i am young, but my soul is old. i can not remember what lead me here. i am not sure if i want to know.

so many years passed before i followed the call of the ocean. the anger has no left. but there is also sorrow, and joy.

i stand on the shore. waves brush against my feet. there is a storm building overhead. and when lightning falls and rain comes crashing down, the ocean rises up and swallows me whole.

the ocean sings its fury; what can i do but howl back?)

im just thinking about the sea and drowning and belong. idk this is half written before finals hit and now its done so im done w it


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  • Wicked!

    Aksnhdfb this is brilliant!

    10 months ago
  • Dmoral

    Love this whole piece, but I think these are my favorite lines "i am young, but my soul is old. i can not remember what lead me here. i am not sure if i want to know" (but what do i know? it's all good). Amazing work, also I agree with @Anha, your formatting is wonderful!! It adds to the piece beautifully!

    also, i just saw your 'message to reader's box' and i just wanted to say, you introduced me to prose. i saw you say you were on te website and what your user was, so i looked it up and joined the website myself because i love your work and want to keep up with it!! anyway, i post there now myself and see work i love from others! anyway, thank you and i'll miss your pieces on wtw, but glad i can find you somewhere! (hope that doesn't sound creepy or stalkerish, i don't want it to be). anyway, thank you.

    11 months ago
  • Anha

    your! formatting! is! beautiful! seriously, every time i read your work, i'm struck by just how stunning, visually and in the words themselves, your pieces are. the emphasis of "i am alone" by making it sit out there all by itself... mwah, poetic cinema. if i were a rich medieval lord, i'd employ you to write stories and poems cos they're just so good!! (eternally fangirling over your work.)

    12 months ago