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Rain Petals (1) #writerswords2

December 7, 2019


Vast sky
Ink spills
Darkness takes over
Clouds, like the earth,
when brushing against each other.
The sky has already withered,
but it readies itself to bring life...

Rain, like crystal drops,
The sound of crystal is clear, yet
these water drops are even more so.
Like feathers breathing on the earth,
caressing it,
loving it,
crying for it.

A single rose speaks back.
Unfurling its red petals
at the sound of Earth's music.
Its size almost doubling,
it sings back,
loving love.

The rain quiets.
The drops vanish.
The rose, fulfilled,
It's time is over.
The water gracing its petals like a 
thousand jewels,
the rose withers.
I know it doesn't make sense that the rose dies after getting water, but it's sort of supposed to show that after getting "love" from Mother Earth, it decides to fully join her. The water just stays on its petals, but it isn't absorbed I guess. It's a little imaginative, but yeah.


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  • Deleted User

    Lovely! It makes sense in my opinion. I can't keep plants alive even if I DO happen to water them and give them light. -.-

    8 months ago