i would’ve given you the clothes off my back, the air from my lungs, the remnants of my heart. but apparently i wasnt good enough. ive never been good enough for your love.

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never good enough for you, never good enough for my folks. i don’t know why i bother.

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December 11, 2019

My December is like an unstable bipolar snow-dome in the hands of a crazed toddler. 
On the first of the month, snow always falls.  It adds to the concave and beautiful drifts that October gave us, and hides the muddy mess that November gifts us. On the 2nd, the snow continues to fall.  The 3rd and 4th are snow filled days, fluffy iridescent flakes coating everything in sight. On the 5th the fluffy flakes turn into sleet, washing away the beauty of the past couple days. It freezes on the 6th, coating everything with ice. On the 7th it heats up and everything is whisked away. We are left with a dirty barren wasteland. It stays like this for the 8th and 9th. By the time the 10th swings around we are miserable, praying to Gaea, pleading for snow. On the 11th the dome gets flipped; wondrous snowflakes, crisp, perfect, and poignant, fall from the sky, tickling our noses and enlightening our sense. On the 12th we dance around in our beautiful globe, and continue to dance till the 20th. We build villages of snow, erect snow people, and throw around compact balls of frozen wonder. The 21st gives us a light powdering, covering up our muddy tracks. The 22nd brings us the sun in a empty sky. Sundogs dance on the horizon on the 23rd and 24th, and by the 25th we have plunged into subzero temperatures. The 26th give us another fresh coat, covering the man made blemishes, the 27th gives us back the sun. The 28th hugs us with her warm sun, and another coat arrives on the 29th. The 30th is a heavy snowfall that doesn’t stop till midnight on the 31st; by the time January comes around, our flaws, mistakes, and errors have been covered by the snow allowing us to have a fresh start. My December is like an unstable bipolar snow-dome in the hands of a crazed toddler, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Can you see the dancing snowflakes?


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