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Piney Ridge #writerswords (category 2 prompt 2)

November 28, 2019


    "Izzy!" I called, running top speed into Piney Ridge forrest. My big sister, Izabelle, or Izzy as I call her, had been missing for about 2 hours now. She was supposed to have gone for a quick hike to clear her head after her big break-up with her boyfriend, Chester. I looked at my Garmin watch, it read 6:00 pm.
    "Shoot, it's gonna be dark soon." I mumbled to myself. I continued to walk through Piney Ridge, trying to ignore the sound of the wind whistling. I pulled up the hood on my sweatshirt, the autmn cold was nipping at my nose and I hated it.
    "Izzy!" I called again, this time a little bit louder, I wanted to get out of here with Izzy as soon as possible.
    "Izabelle I swear to god if this is some sort of joke!" I called so loud it made the crows fly away. Caw! The crows called, flying around me all at once, eventually, a tall, brunette man emerged from behind the crows.
    "Thank you, my little friends." The man said, the crows all perched on his red velvet blazer.
    "Who in the world are you?" I asked slightly taken aback.
    "Ah yes, allow me to introduce myself. Edgar, Edgar Samson at your service, keeper of Piney Ridge Forrest." Edgar said taking his plum colored top hat off and tipping it towards me before putting it back on his head, revealing very geled copper brown hair.
    "Wait I'm sorry, keeper of Piney Ridge, what is this some sort of fable?" I asked flustered.
    "Piney Ridge is cursed, dear. Horribly cursed, no one can get out, once you enter." Edgar said his dark green eyes somehow turning darker.
    "Cursed, how?" I asked, I checked the time on my watch, it was now 6:30.
    "My daddy went in here when my ma was pregnant with me, he never came out. I grew up thinking my daddy abandoned my ma and I, and I absolutely hated him. Until one day I found his journal, he wrote about Piney Ridge and how mysterious it was, and he wrote about something called the curse of Johnny Truman. Apparently, one day back in 1905, a boy named Johnny Truman entered these woods, he got lost, and he died here. So now ol' Johnny boy let's anyone get in, but never ever out." Edgar said a shadow crossing his face.
    "That's terrible, but how do you break this curse?" I asked, I began tugging on my sweatshirt sleave
    "Rumor has it Johnny dropped a white rabbit he called Ant. You find Ant, and Piney Ridge will be all better again." Edgar said, the crows flew off his shoulder and landed on the black, leaveless, trees.
    "We'd best not waist any time, dear, I heard your sister is lost in here." Edgar said, he began to speedwalk and signalled for me to follow along.
    "Wait, how'd you know Izzy was missing?" I asked him, we walked to fast for me and I had to pratically run to keep up with him.
    "Keeper of the woods, remeber? After I found my daddy's journal when I was around 15, I decided to try and find him. Once I realized that my dad probably died here, I took it upon myself to spend the rest of my lif here, considering I wouldn't be able to live here. The crows gave me this suit y'know, they all flew over and gave me it, the suit belonged to my father, I guess it's what he wore the day he disappeared. I began to learn the ropes of the forrest, how it worked, and what you did in it. Now I'm here." Edgar said, his dark green eyes now clouded over with tears. I put a hand on his shoulder, not saying anything as we continued to walk through the woods. Suddenly I felt something soft beneath my feet, I stopped to pick it up, it was Ant the bunny.
    "Whoo!" I cheered pumping a fist up in the air, Edgar and I errupted in cheers. Suddenly I saw a familiar pedicured hand flash in front of my face and snatch Ant from me, it was Izzy.
    "Izzy, what are you doing?" I asked trying to take Ant back. Suddenly Izzy reached into her back pocket and pulled out a small handgun, pointing it at me.
    "I'm going to be the one to return you, not your or Elmo over here." Izzy said pointing the gun bewteen Edgar and I.
    "Izzy you didn't even help with the search, now give Ant back." I said, Izzy cocked the gun, shooting Edgar. He dropped cold to the ground, dead.
    "You've always been the special sister. The pretty one, the smart one. So now I get to be the special sister, and nothing is gonna stop me, I will avenge the death of Johnny and become the hero I was born to be." Izzy said her eye twiitching, she looked psychotic. She fired, but instead of dropping dead to the ground, Edgar was behind her, he had knocked her out cold with a nearby branch, then took her gun and shot her.
    "So what do you see we go stop that curse?" Edgar said, a smile playing at his lips. I nodded, still shocked that Izzy was dead.  He signaled for me to follow him, and I did not caring I had to chase after him, Piney Ridge Forrest would be peaceful and Johnny would have his peace.

The End


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