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July 23, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt


He’s here. The man of my nightmares. The man who ra- the man who r- the man who tainted me. His appearance hasn’t changed much. Still tall, arrogant and loud. He, however, has matured. He is no longer the teenager who didn’t think about the future consequences as I am no longer the little girl who was out-going and gullible, who thought everyone was kind and trustworthy. That night, that little girl died and I was born. A faker, liar, imposter, an empty persona. They're telling me that his girlfriend is pregnant and that they're goin to get married. Despite him having destroied my childhood, I don't resent him, quite the opposite, I'm glad that he doesn't remember what he did to me. I, and I alone, shall carry that horrible night with me to hell. The only reason I'm willing to take it with me to hell and not heaven is because heaven won't let me in.


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