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Contrasting December

December 8, 2019

For some December is a month of cold and darkness. All they wish the whole month is to sink in their bed and never get out. For some, it’s the time of the year where the only thing they can – also the only thing they want to do – is relax. Then there are some who think December is just like every other month and all they can do is what they have been doing the entire year. And then there is me. For me December is a month where I can reflect what I did the whole year – like moving to another country leaving all my friends behind – complain what went very wrong – for example how horribly my tests went – and admire everything that went right for me, like I still have the love and caring of my family and my true friends.

December, being the last month, has so many festivals that can be used to blow up steam. Throughout the years when I lived in India, I had been various places within India. The contrasting lights, the shaded colors of the sky as well as the reflection of the snow, the dances, the stunning performances, the stories told, all accomplish to overwhelm me. This year my dad told me the stories of him and his best friends doing crazy adventure. And all I could hope from this year (Please santa if your reading this) is that I get a friend like my dad did. It is at this time of the year, where I can enjoy and be the crazy me that I am.

Even if I am an Indian, I do have friends that come from all over the world. I, too, live in a different country now, China. And therefore I learn to enjoy all kinds of festival, like Hanukkah, and it’s good to know no matter in what country you are in, December is a month that won’t change – with the right friends. December is a time where I can just sit and enjoy a good read, the ones that I piled up cause I had no time to read, because every day is like a holiday. Times like these are the times where I wish I had those friends – I call my family – around me. Unfortunately, we are miles away from each other. The thought of spending December away from them is a really sad one.
December is also a time where I think about what I could change about myself and what I can add into my lists of talent. I spend the whole month listing out things that I want to do ever since the New Year starts and things I can’t wait to try out. Since every year we all get one year older; I, sometimes, live my life as a game and think that every new year I unlock a new gift. Like when I turned 15 I “unlocked” my “gift” of playing a guitar and although I’m still learning how to be a professional, I have gotten better since I started. This year I’m probably going to “unlock” my potential for writing, to follow my dreams and have enough courage to tell everyone I know that “this is my dream and it doesn’t matter that you care about it. I have people who do and who support me. But if you want to try something new I will always support you”

Sitting beside the fire place or snuggling deeper in your bed, we try to find warmth. Sometimes December is so cold that even trees can be seen wearing scarfs of frost around their necks. December might be one of the darkest months of the year but the smile on everyone’s face brightens up the dusky skies. December has festivals, which manages to bring families together, to celebrate this wonder month before the new fresh start for the New Year. December, for me, is more than just a month. It a feeling of happiness that makes you delighted to be alive. The cold colors which manage to keep you warm, the festivals – like the ones where you sing and dance with your family and friends –, the lights – those who can warm even the coldest of heart – cannot be measured, because the quantity of happiness they spread cannot be asses by a single computer. This month is one of my favorites. Because when people say “There is not rainbow without a little rain” you can’t start a new year before the old year’s end. December is a closure to those who love the year and a hope for those who cannot wait to start something new. December, for me, is a reason to be overjoyed and a reason to strengthen the bonds that were once forgotten.

December is a month where I let everything out. Recollecting everything I did this year – like all the cycling adventure I went to – , forgiving every mistake I made – distancing out of my friend circle because of assuming the hate me –, appreciating of everything good thing I did – the service my school joined in to build a house for people – , being proud because facing the things that fear me the most (my worst fears, by the way, are heights) etc. However that’s not it. I remember when I went out with my friends to sky dive in May, I had been so afraid and my friends knew I hated the heights; but I am that kind of friend who helps you get over your fear, so this time they repaid me my helping get rid of my fear. I didn’t know you could ever feel like a dare-devil and a stupid person all at once until then. I’m going to be honest it was a HORRIBLE experience for me but at least now I can cross Sky diving on my bucket list.
The best thing about December is spending it with my family and my friends – sometimes new and sometimes old. Laughing, crying, hand in hand. These people make my December grand.


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