Gabriel Ziemba

United States

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Safe and Sound pt. 2

November 27, 2019


I kissed you again, and again, and again. 
I hit my cigarette, flicking it lightly to ash it.
The cold air flew past my cheeks, carrying the smoke away.
I glanced over at you,
holding the gaze for awhile.
You looked at me, asking,
I told you I was just admiring you.
I was admiring the little things about you.
I was admiring your eyes.
Your nose.
Your voice.
Your hair.
Your obsession with books.
Your love of coffee.
It was, in every sense of the word, admiration.
Looking at you, I felt infinite.
I felt like everything was gonna be okay.
Like you really were that sunrise after my dark night.
Absolutely infinite.
You kissed me then.
Electricity devoured my nerves as our lips touched.
My cheeks weren't so cold anymore.
You blushed hard, looking away.
I grabbed your chin, pulling your face back to mine, and, 
I kissed you again, and again, and again.  


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