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i wish you'd spare the details

November 26, 2019



Before you came along, I didn't know it was so possible to be in love with detail. 

I grasp on to every word you say and the way you say them. I grasp on even more tightly to the coffee cup between my hands to keep it slipping from my freshly sweaty palms. I study the corners of your mouth the same way I'd watch the waves in the sea. It's something about the way they'll occasionally twitch upward, or tighten, or turn down, that makes it so difficult to tear my eyes away.​ The color of your eyes and how it matches that t-shirt you wore once. The kind of jokes you laugh at, and that look on your face you get when you listen to someone else speaking. 
And I notice how my breath will catch, my thoughts will spin wildly around in my brain without warning. I feel every individual wing of every individual butterfly in my stomach, and every ounce of ache in my chest.

Sometimes I want to bottle up the feeling and keep it to use like a drug any time I see fit. I'd drink it, relish every last drop, and get high on the details. I want to know these things about you forever, and I want to learn even more. But other times your gaze shifts past mine. Other times, someone far more interesting enters the room, and I am reminded that you don't feel the same.
Even from a distance, I can't help but take in every facial expression. Even though I'm not the cause of it, I can't help but hear the way your laugh sounds. There's no escaping the absolute tidal wave of feeling in my head and my heart anymore, and that might just be the worst part.

And just as suddenly as I loved them, I wish I could forget the details. 
i can't believe love made me post cringe
also hi wtw it's been a while


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  • Deleted User

    Hi! I don't know when you last posted, but welcome back! XD

    Anyway, I enjoyed this tremendously. It was heartbreaking, yet bittersweet at the end.

    10 months ago