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an experiment, god save the boston bus system

years at a bus stop

November 28, 2019


location: the air smells of a foreign city, finally, a scent uncertain, laundry and warm air, helicopter smoke and concrete, the furnishings of a new life, a new world

temperature: i brought an umbrella every day but the ones that counted, counted the steps from and back, counted the seats empty, the mouths unlocked, the money on my card, the glass on the sidewalk, the windows glinting in the condominiums, and an unfamiliar sky 

denizens: i fall in love too easily, with the purple beanie and the orange pants, her face aglow, a moon in her own right, the boy in the cowboy hat and the long skinny jeans lopes from one corner to the next, i see he is not a ghost after all, in the fluorescent light of the bus, see: he sits, jostled, just as human as me

lighting: i am familiar with the rules, the space i can occupy in the dark, in the misty night, the upstage and downstage of this streetlamp sidewalk, the canopy protecting me from alone and lonely 

emote: in the summer mornings i used to breath out motes and motes of the evening’s dust, alone, to fumble through the window into the bridge of day; now rain traces the night back and back through spotlights: behind the people stacked behind trains and windows, behind my own fear, behind the years and years spent at a bus stop


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  • babybluelamentations

    Agh, i love descriptive, dreamy pieces about cities so much <3
    This is so pretty i cannottt

    12 months ago