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British and American, yet there couldn't have been a better match | #Whatislove?

By: Deleted User


He gave me a look, charcoal grey eyes staring deep into mine. "It's milk and then cereal, love," he told me; he challenged me with his chest puffed out and chin held high.

I shrugged, pouring the milk over my own cereal and grabbing the sugar from the mahogany tray next to me. "Suit yourself, babe," I replied jokingly, kissing his cheek with my milk and sugar covered lips. Talvi rolled his eyes and went in for a kiss on my lips, dragging it out for a long moment before pulling away. 

"Too much sugar," he muttered. "You're bound to get diabetes at the rate you eat sweet stuff. I swear. You have a bigger sweet tooth than dear old grams." I sighed, soaking up every word he said in his charming British accent. Though his name was Finnish for winter, and his mother from Ireland, he was raised in England, giving him the accent of the heavens. Talvi looked at me adoringly before going back to eating his cold cereal.

"And you," I said, pointing at him with the tip of my spoon, "are bound to die from the lack of sugar thereof." I copied his voice, mimicking the elegance of every single consonant and vowel."

Talvi chuckled, shaking his head enthusiastically. "What a weird little girl I got for myself, ey?"

Holding my spoon in my mouth, I poked him in the ribs with my now-empty hand. "Not so little, you know," I stated, slipping the clean spoon into my bowl. "I'm up to your chin which is higher than most other girls." Talvi's eyes sparked merrily at the banter I'd so eagerly taken the chance to start. He rubbed a pale hand through his messy curls, watching me as I nibbled at a square of my Crispix cereal. 

"Still short, doll," he said, standing to his full height. His lanky frame towered over me as he came to rest his long arms around my delicate waist. "You make for the perfect head rest," he told me, setting his chin on my noggin. I giggled into his chest, hugging myself to him.

"And you make for the best cuddlers," I replied.

"Oh, but you make for a wonderful poet," he responded, laying his accent on thick. He lifted me up and set me on top of his feet so that he could sway us around easily.

"My beau is the best at singing lullabies," I told him, smiling until my cheeks hurt. It was true. He sung to me every night, and left when he was sure I was asleep. The songs were things he'd written too, so most of them were about us being together forever.

"My lovely is the best kisser in the far off lands," he told me, eyes twinkling like the brightest stars.

"My prince is the best at keeping me company," I said, standing on my tiptoes to peck him on the forehead.

"You're the most brilliant artist I could ever have met in my lifetime," he complimented me. I squirmed in his arms, lying my cheek against the broad expanse of his chest. He hummed in appreciation, still spinning us in circles. 

"You're the most graceful dancer I ever got to dance with," I shot back at him. 

Talvi leaned away from me to look me in the eyes, reaching up to tuck a lock of golden hair behind my ear. He stepped out from under me, and started spinning us around in a waltz. It was hard in the cramped space we were in, but he managed it anyway. His warm breath smelled like wine and mint. Slowly, he started speaking. 

"Dear Emery Collins," he addressed me. "Fiery eyes, gold hair, fair skin and all." Talvi pulled me close, swaying us to the  same rhythm as the magical music in the background. He kissed the top of my head before continuing. "Your words of utter delight I cannot persevere without my heart firing away in my beaten chest. You suck the breath from my lungs, and my soul away from my body with every fleeting moment."

I look up at his face, tracing the contours with my eyes,and then my nimble hands. He kisses each palm before starting again. "My heart was given since the moment I met you, and where it was taken to was you. Would you be so kind as to," he stopped us mid-motion and dropped down onto one knee. My hand came flying up to my mouth before I realized what was happening. Talvi pulled out a black box from his pocket. Opening it, he showed me a small diamond ring that sparkled in the dim light of the dying sun. "Would you be so kind as to," he re-said after the brief pause in time, "become my always and forever?" His cheeks flushed, and tears fell from his gorgeous eyes. 

I felt my own tears start to fall; hot trails running down my shocked face. "This isn't some kind of prank, right?" I asked Talvi, kneeling before him. He shook his head, a beaming smile coming to his face. 

"Of course not, Love. I could never do that to you."

I nodded, when he didn't budge, I ground out, "Yes. Yes!" Holding my hand out to him, he slid the silver banded diamond around my ring finger. He then crushed me to his chest, sobbing joyously.

"You're going to make me the happiest man - the luckiest man in the whole universe," he whispered hoarsely into my ear, his sweet British vocals making it hard to understand. We stayed like that for quite some time, enjoying the peaceful reality round us. I leaned my head on his shoulder, and her leaned his head on mine. All was how it should be. Love had never been grater until that moment.

Omg. This was so fun to write. Love in my opinion is when two people can argue and or have their differences, and yet stick together because they enjoy each other's company and so much more. Love IS the strongest force on Earth...

Message to Readers

A few grammar and spelling mistakes. Sorry 'bout that...

Peer Review

What I love about this piece is the descriptive words and imagery. As well as the passionate tone each character exemplifies as the story goes along. The chemistry and strong connection between these two characters was very apparent throughout this entire piece.

When I did finish reading however I was left wondering about Talvi and Emery's relationship. More specifically the background of their relationship and how they got to where they are in this moment. I feel that an expansion of background knowledge would have made their love story all the more heart-warming.

Reviewer Comments

Overall awesome job on this! I absolutely loved it!