Letting my heart bleed on paper.

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Hello! I'm your average run-over-the-mill girl who barely has a pocket of time to read and write. Unlike the majority of students in Singapore, I take theatre as one of my exam subjects, which is both bold and reckless I reckoned, but enjoyable nonetheless. Writing is one of my main forms of expression and I am hoping that by writing more, I will be able to express my feelings and sights with more vibrancy and clarity. Planning to be a actor/singer/poet/writer/Occupational therapist in the future. Any and all feedback on my writing is welcomed! :)

Metal Heart

May 27, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Dear little heart
Hidden under steel
Too scared to feel
Hoping people don't draw near

Hard little heart
Love barely a slice
Cold as ice
Not one bit nice

Sad little heart
Barely living
People leaving
But still beating

There little heart
Can't cry now
Pain will grow
If you let them down

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