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his piece started out with a very light topic and mood, yet quickly turned serious and became darker. Originally, the piece was about the birds and how they are so free in such a beautiful way. Then I started adding some questions I would ask the bird knowing they see some many things put in the sky. Somehow global warming snuck in and I decided to take that approach instead. I got shivers writing some of it like “What if I added that! Ooooo ...!
This poem was also different from my everyday style of writing. Normally when I’m writing, I like to keep it short, simple and straight to the point. I took my time on this one! I think the fact I was next to an airplane window definitely helped. I have to say I’m very proud of myself for writing this, and I hope it inspires others to take action on keeping our planet healthy.

A Letter to the Birds

November 25, 2019


Tell me what it’s like to  wake up at the dawn of the day 
And have the ability to fly away 

Tell me what it’s like to live
With bright burning stars
And calm sweet clouds

When you look at our world from above
Do you see a quilt 
Marked with green 
Blessed by blue
Scarred by grey
And stained by blood

Do you know the world's dreams, hopes, and fears
Do you watch what happens to them when they float away
Do you know what happens to balloons in outer space?

Do you love us
Do you despise us
Or do you not care either way?

Is every sunrise a different wonder
Does every sky have a different thunder
Is every evening finished differently?

Tell what it’s like to watch every color of the Earth
Dance and spin before your wings
And to be free, oh, so free

And politics
What do you think of those?
Do you watch us spill blood for oil?
Choke the Earth for our own needs
Spread smog like a foundation
To cracked skin
Steal breath, from the breeze

Kill our own 
And kill yours
Kill our sons
Your elders
Our  parents 
And your children

Do you feel the grief
Do you feel the sobs escaping our planet
As she watches her children burn her, choke her, break her

Do you see her heart bleed?
I know you do
 You are the birds
You see everything 
Don’t you worry? 
That time is running out? Before she breaks completely? 


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  • Anajou772

    Oh sorry!

    about 1 year ago
  • Deleted User

    The link you wanted me to review did not work. Either comment the name of the piece, or try the link again. Thanks!

    about 1 year ago
  • jaii

    the link you gave me for the piece you wanted a comment on does not work

    about 1 year ago
  • Starflower

    This is so beautiful! It's true that many people don't care about birds, but they're so intelligent, and I love watching them. :) You're a great writer, too!

    about 1 year ago
  • Anajou772

    Thank you so much! I agree the creatures on this planet are much more intelligent than we could ever know. I mean, they probably have senses we don't have. I really hope the birds come back to your house! There's something, that they add to the atmosphere. Birds are underrated.

    about 1 year ago
  • Kepler

    Also, this piece is absolutely beautiful. I can tell you put a lot of heart into this. It's really touching. I like how you made the bird not a bystander, but a witness.

    about 1 year ago
  • Kepler

    For a few years now, the herring gulls have been migrating to my house. I live on a lake, so they would sit in the water during the day. When I got home from school I would race out to the dock with a bag of stale bread and feed the screeching masses.

    Last year, however, not as many came, and they left early.

    I'm hoping this year they'll come back, 'cause there's something to them. Everyone thinks their annoying, but they're actually quite beautiful. Maybe I'm biased, but I think that they're a good metaphor in life.

    We need to see creatures as they are beyond what we immediately see. Those birds are absolutely amazing.

    Then again, I'm just a crazy, seagull-loving girl who spends too much of her time watching feathered masses hover on the wind.

    (Sorry about the long, unrelated comment XD, just a thought.)

    about 1 year ago