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A Broken Girl With A Yellow Soul

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I write slam poetry to help me understand things.
It’s a therapeutic exercise.
Pick apart the best parts of me and study my quotations.
For I am hurt.
And I want you to taste it.


November 25, 2019


Since when?
Since when does loving your body make you a slut?
Since when does falling in love at a young age make you stupid?
Since when does being quiet make you weird?
When did it all slip?
Who decided these normalities?
Society wouldn’t know real people,
Bright people,
Beautiful, true, honest,
Lovely people,
If they hit it in its perfectly blonde, blue eyed, contoured face. 
Society thinks only girls with thick, juicy hips are perfect. 
The only type of woman, in fact. 
Skinny Girls,
Bony girls,
Tired, slightly broken girls,
Are mutations, a flaw in the code if you will. 
They aren’t anything to see. 
Society decided that they need real men,
Straight, tall, muscular, men. 
Don’t sing. Don’t cry. Don’t dance. 
But instead,
Lift. Drink. Pick up the thick hipped woman. 
We have become blinded by the veil that is society’s eyes. 
That we don’t want anything but normality. 
But, sometimes the veil lifts enough to see underneath of it and the quiet, chubby, singing, dancing, emotion ridden boy falls for the confident, skinny, broken, bony, tired girl. 
And that, my friend,
Is shattering society’s rules. 
And it's beautiful. 


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  • zebrastripes

    I absolutely love the message you are conveying in this and it's absolutely true. You did an awesome job especially with how you used questions to begin your poem and the "Ha" when answering them. Great work!

    7 months ago
  • hi i'm jackson ;)

    AAA! This is so true! Oh my gosh the ending is so sweeeet awwwwwwww! :))) I especially love where it goes "Skinny girls / Bony girls / Tired, slightly broken girls" oh my its so amazing :)

    7 months ago