Carissa Bartley

United States


November 25, 2019

PROMPT: Microphone

Off in the distance, I hear the screams and yells of the crowd. The cheering as the cowboys get out there and ride bulls to entertain them. I can hear the announcers hyping up the crowd at every second. The cheers and laughter of them laughing at our rodeo clown. But closest to me is my horse. The soft breathing and the squeak of my saddle as we walk, The sound of hooves underneath me... That's a sound that can't be beat. Over the loud speakers, I hear them announce that it's time for barrel racing. The roar of the crowd that night was amazing! It was a full house it was our time to go out there and show them what we had. I explained to Marley,(my horse) that it was her time to shine she snorted as if she already knew. Now she was breathing hard, She wouldn't walk and I was getting nervous. "Now here comes our local cowgirl Carissa riding Marley" announced the people in the crows nest. We rode into the alley way. I looked down pet her and told her it was just out there, she walked for a second. We got close and she got nervous. I gently gave a nudge and said barrels, put my hands forward and held on. She ran out of the alley. The lights were bright and the roar of the crowd was one of the best sounds. The power underneath me was incredible. I could hear a faint sound of the crowd in the background but I really only heard the rush of wind, her breathing heavy and the thundering noise of hooves underneath me. We finished the third turn and all of a sudden the roar broke through the silence. "Come on Dallas help the cowgirl out, The louder you are, The faster they are!!!!" yelled the speakers at the crowd. The sudden Scream surprised me. We were done, the sound was gone and now it was just us again. Both breathing heavy and her prancing out into the warm up arena to cool down. This is what she Lives for and this is what I'll Die for.


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