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Hi everyone! The reason why I created a Write the World account is I wanted to find a platform where I could share my writing with other young adults across the country. I seek to make my writing, especially my essays, vivid and creative.

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The Old and the New: December

December 10, 2019

My December is a time of business, as school is in the heart of second quarter.
It's also a time to look forward to the new year: a time to slow down and reduce anxiety. 
These two opposing forces define my attitude and behavior in December. 

In the first half of December, I feel inclined to work harder as I approach the last stretch of the fiscal year, because it really makes me realize how much time has passed, all so quickly. I reminisce about all that has happened this year: what I've accomplished, what made me proud, what I regret. I think about the friends that I've drifted apart from, comparing it to when we felt like we were best friends. I think about how much I've matured---I really cannot believe that I am nearly a legal adult. I remember the little moments of joy and happiness---laughing with my mother, getting that good grade on that particularly hard test. I try not to dwell on the heavy pockets of despondency, negativity, and frustration that I've felt this year. Growing up is exciting and liberating, but it's mentally confusing, exhausting, and even painful. I guess I know what it feels like when people say, "what I wouldn't give to be a kid again."

On the other hand, towards the second half of December, I decide it's time to move on and welcome the fresh start. That's why I look forward to a time of relaxation and recharging before starting the new year. The most notable opportunity for me to do this is Christmas, where I can focus on family, religion, and the simpler things in life. I go to school for about eight hours per day, Monday to Friday. Adults go to work for even greater lengths of time. Christmas and the Holidays, that latter part of December, is to focus on what really matters in life, not money or success. My sister and I point out the Christmas ornaments that we've had since we were kids---we've slowly added to our collection over the years. As I pick up a glass glitter sphere I remember breaking almost all of the other ornaments in its set. I think I dropped one bright green ball per year. I dream about the little but meaningful gifts I'll get for each of my family members, and their bright smiles when they tear open the paper.

My December is the only month in the year where the old and new mix in a weird but special way. It's a time to reflect and sort out thoughts on the past, but also a time to look forward to and prepare for a bright new future.


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