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My Light

By: rehrbar


My mother once told me to follow my dreams 
So I chased after them like how astronomers 
Would chase the stars 
Learning every curve, every point 
But still left with the curiosity of their meaning 

I would get lost in the darkness
My hope turning in to bulbs of light 
Leading me down a path 
I did not yet know where I would end up 

I grasp onto my dreams with a burning desperation 
The stars have started to combust
I learned that nightmares are dreams too
They etched their way into my vision 
Turning the golden embers into black ash 

I started to hide from the light because I knew without light 
There was no such thing as darkness 
I learned the moment you face reality is the moment you give up on finding your purpose 
I learned that my purpose was to chase after the stars

Peer Review

The comparison of dreams to stars in smooth, effortless way really got to me.

What are your stars? Your dreams? What are they?

Reviewer Comments

The piece flows well together and is frankly inspiring, thank you.